Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have a lot of questions for your next cleaner and we’d be happy to break it all down for you.

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Frequently asked Questions

Whatever questions it is that you have, we are here to resolve them all for you. Have more questions? Call us!

As a part of our general cleaning packages, we’ll cover these on a surface level. But if you want to dig a little deep and go for specific routines like stain removal, you’d be charged a little extra accordingly.

It depends on the nature of your house cleaning services.  You can contact us and let us know your requirements to get a free quote prior for better understanding.

We’ll go about our cleaning procedure only after a detailed plan of action is devised in place. If at all you find something uncovered, report to us within the first 24 hours and we’ll come to reclean it for free.

We only use hand-picked organic supplies that are EPA-approved or carry a DfE label to ensure that they are completely harmless.

Not at all. We come as a comprehensive package with everything you’ll ever need.

Not really. All we need is access to your premises and we’ll get to work if you’re comfortable with the arrangement.

No, we don’t take any upfront payments to schedule your cleaning in Sydney. You can simply call us and book your slot directly.

Yes, you can. Although we’d appreciate it if you could let us know as early as you can so we can accommodate the changes without any hassles.

Yes, we do. At Cleaning Corp, We will provide you with a free quote after understanding your requirements in prior before you hire us.

You can book your appointment at your time of convenience in easy steps by getting in touch with us.

It depends on the size and nature of your requirements along with the intensity of cleaning required.

The quote that we initially present you with will be the final unless you give us any add-on work on the spot.

We don’t usually charge an advance unless it’s a special situation. In such cases, you can get in touch with us and we’d help you through the process completely.

We have a wide range of payment options including cash transactions from which you can choose your convenient mode.

We don’t take any payments upfront. You can pay us post we complete the cleaning procedure at your house.

Yes, we have experts in our team who are well-versed with the carpet deep cleaning routines.

You can simply sit back and relax after hiring us. We’ll take care of all the rearranging and reorganization all by ourselves.

We stick to standard protocols from globally regulated bodies like CDC to ensure that you’re presented with the best of processes.

We are completely insured at Cleaning Corp. If at all there happens to be a damage while cleaning, we’ll immediately repair or replace it at our own expense.

We understand that no two spaces within the same premises can be dealt with the same way. Hence we use all kinds of organic supplies according to the right fit.

We believe that weekends are meant for relaxation. Cleaning Corp is here to pick up the broom after you and help you come home to the best possible vibe.

Unlike most companies, we spend a lot of time on different trials and errors in-house along with a lot of training modules to better ourselves every day. This right here is how we update ourselves continuously.

We are slowly increasing our reach across different cities one after the other as clients try to reach us from even the farthest parts of Sydney.

The core founding members shared a unified dream of creating the best cleaning company in town that sets global standards here in Sydney.

At Cleaning Corp, our experts have been cleaning for over 10+ years. As a unit, we have been operational for the past few years and we took our origin right here in Sydney built by the best of us.

All the cleaners that we have on our team are police-verified and are background checked after a rigorous interview process.

Once you get in touch with us, you’ll be provided with a dedicated account manager who will be your single contact point to avoid any communication gaps or lags.

All our cleaning services are priced economically to help fit the budget of the masses.

Starting from the basic cleaning to disinfection routines or sanitization, we’ll take care of them all with our expert team.

We are extremely accountable in everything we do and we also are on time along with presenting the deliverables at the agreed time as well.


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