End of Lease Cleaning Services in Sydney

Vacating your premises after the end of your lease tenure? Leave the scrubbing to us. We’ll clean your premises top-down and erase all the signs of your time there with end of lease cleaning services in Sydney. Be it any stain or marks, we’ll make them all go away without a trace. All you need to do is call Cleaning Corp today and schedule your next cleaning appointment.

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End of lease cleaning

What is end of lease cleaning?

At the end of your lease period, it is mandatory that you clean your premises completely and hand it over to your landlord in the freshest of conditions. It might be hectic for you to handle the whole process with a janitor or two. They might not be competent and compatible with every requirement that you might have in front of you. It is thus necessary that you hire a reliable end of lease cleaning services in Sydney who can offer comprehensive expertise in getting the whole job done for you at ease.

Why choose us for your end of lease cleaning services in Sydney?

We remain one of the most reliable end of lease cleaners who can present you with everything you are looking for. In addition to having the professional cleaners in town, we also have proper training modules in place to continuously keep them up to date with the latest market updates. Be it the equipment or supplies, we’ll bring it all your way, unlike the freelance janitors for whom you’d have to take the responsibility of providing these.

We are the #1 end of lease cleaning in Sydney

End of lease Cleaning just got better!

We can do the best job that you will experience nowhere else and this is why you should hire us. Here are a few things that we offer as market leaders…

Friendly cleaners

All our cleaners are trained to present their best outlook to you.


We have been doing this for years now and have an impeccable track record.

Quality Results

Be it anything that you want, we’ll provide you the best of all worlds.

Standard Procedures

We stick to authoritative global guidelines that can give you the best quality results.

Green Cleaning

We have a policy of saying a strict no to toxic chemically intensive supplies.

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End of lease cleaning in Sydney includes

spring cleaning

What will we cover for you in our End Of lease cleaning?

We offer the following as the best end of lease cleaning company in Sydney

end of lease cleaning sydney
Window Cleaning

Picking all your dust and dirt to make your house look at its best while handing it over is on us.

end of lease cleaning services in sydney
Walls Coverage

Have a lot of marks or smears on the wall? We’ll cover all of them up for you right away.

best end of lease cleaning services in sydney
24/7 Services

Your convenience is our priority. We are available 24/7 and you can book a time that suits you.

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Online Payments

You can simply pay us in just a few steps online. Completely safe and secure gateways!

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Quick Delivery

At Cleaning Corp, we are here to deliver promises. Our turn-around times are very reliable.

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Free Quote

Wondering about the budget? We’ll provide you with a free quote after a complete inspection.

end of lease cleaning company sydney

If you find any missed spot by chance, we’ll come to your premises again and reclean it for free.

end of lease cleaner in sydney
Insured Work

No more worries about damages. We come with comprehensive insurance coverage for you.

Friendly service & satisfaction Guaranteed

best end of lease cleaner in sydney

What are you waiting for?

Hiring us right away might be the best decision that you can ever make. We are currently also offering a lot of huge discounts on different end of lease cleaning services in Sydney. Get in touch with us to see if you fulfill the criteria for availing of these discounts. Call us now to tell us your requirements and to understand how much we will charge you.

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Friendly cleaners
Fully Custom Packages
Easy booking
Budget friendly

Come home to a pleasant environment like never before!

Your Vision

Be it anything that you are looking for, we’ll make it a reality.

Our Procedures

We’ll employ well-researched procedures that are globally approved.

Standard Cleaning

We’ll devise a checklist and a thorough plan of action that will be fail-proof

Accurate Results

Giving you on-point results is what we are best at. Try us now!

The hearsay that you might be interested in

These are genuine reviews from some of our repeat clients who have had an amazing experience with end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions before making your decision? Here are some of the answers you might be looking for.

We are completely insured to take care of any damages that are prone to happen while end of lease cleaning.

Anything and everything from basic overall cleaning to deep cleaning and stain removal procedures to ensure that you hand over your premises afresh to your landlords is something that we’ll help you with.

It completely depends on your requirements, the size of your house, and the intensity of cleaning that you require.

We understand that you might be busy shuffling things around as you move. All we need is access to your premises and we’ll be able to take care of the rest. We’ll also keep you updated on the progress. 

Basic overall coverage of your carpet upholstery is something that we’ll do as a part of the package. If you have any niche requirement like stain removal or pressure cleaning, you can let us know before your appointment for us to come prepared. You’ll be charged just a little extra for this. 

Do we serve your location yet?

We are branching around each month improving our radius. Our predominant areas include the following…You can still get in touch with us if your area is not listed here yet and we’ll try to reach you up!

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