What does NDIS cleaning include?

NDIS cleaning includes

All you need to know about what NDIS cleaning includes?

The NDIS, The National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a program to support Australians with disability. Any Australian between the ages of 7 and 65 with a permanent disability can apply. NDIS provides them with a choice of services and supports to meet their needs. But does NDIS cover the cost of helping someone assist in house cleaning? Read below to know more about NDIS cleaning and what it entails.

Will your NDIS cover the cleaning costs?

One important question for people with NDIS is whether it covers cleaning costs. Whether you avail of the NDIS cleaning services depends on individual circumstances. Suppose you are unable to undertake cleaning tasks due to your disability. You may be eligible for NDIS cleaning packages. But for that, your needs need to be reasonable and necessary.

If you qualify, then home cleaning can get funding. It comes under the category of “Assistance with Daily life“. This comes within the “NDIS support” budget. If you have funding for this, you get the flexibility of choosing support that meets your needs. This includes help with house cleaning.

What do the NDIS cleaning services cover?

NDIS cleaning covers a wide range of cleaning services. But the services provided depend on the cleaning company. Reputed cleaning companies like Cleaning Corp provide a comprehensive service. While others provide limited cleaning options. Depending on your needs and the NDIS Cleaning prices, you can decide on the services. But in general, reputed cleaning services cover:

Basic cleaning services

The basic cleaning services include mopping and vacuuming the floors and dusting and wiping the TV, electronic items, and furniture. Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning the sink, oven, and taps. Bathroom cleaning includes scrubbing toilets, baths, and showers. Some companies also provide spring cleaning and disinfection.

what does NDIS cleaning includes

Carpet cleaning

Removing dust, grime, etc., from carpets using steam and dry cleaning. Mattress, upholstery, and rug cleaning are also a part of this service.

Garden cleaning and maintenance

Fall cleanup, weeding, plant cutting, and trimming. These services also take care of regular care of plants like watering. It also includes maintenance and cleaning of the garden, fertilizer application, and composting.

Laundry services

Laundry can also be part of NDIS cleaning if you are eligible for the same. Laundry using washing machine and drying, ironing, or folding. Washing clothes without a machine is also an option. Some cleaning companies provide specialized washing services for delicate laundry.

End of lease cleaning

Removing cobwebs from air conditioners and ceiling fans, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and carpet cleaning. Window cleaning and removing stains from windows, doors, etc.

What help do you need?

Once you know you are eligible for NDIS house cleaning; the next is to find a cleaner. While some companies have registered with NDIS providers, there are others who are not. With the help of your manager, you can use any cleaner you want. But it is important to know what you want before engaging a cleaning company. Some of the questions to ask and answer are:

What are the things you can do for yourself? What are the tasks you cannot do? NDIS cleaning packages are of use for that you cannot do. So be clear about it. The next question is how often you want a cleaner to come. What is the budget you have, and how can you use it for the entire year? Should the package be a spring clean or a regular cleaning session? Once you have determined the answers, you are ready to hire a cleaner.

How to get a cleaner using NDIS?

Whether an agency manages your NDIS or not, safe access is important. Look for a company that provides reliable and safe cleaning services. Choosing the right one is an important aspect to live without dependency. Having a quality cleaner, makes you enjoy your home environment. It also helps you improve your well-being. If you manage your NDIS funds, you don’t need to find an NDIA-registered company. But if it is NDIA manages it, then hire only NDIS-approved cleaners. Companies like Cleaning Corp provide NDIS-approved cleaners. Also, they offer NDIS cleaning and other parts of Australia.

NDIS Includes

To book NDIS cleaning services, one has to register with the NDIA. After verifying the credentials, the participant gets to decide on the type of cleaning service. One can include special add-on services if eligible. The participant can get clarity on the services and set up a cleaning schedule. Depending on the NDIS Cleaning prices, the company creates a perfect cleaning service. It can then be custom-made for your needs. Decide on weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning. It is important for NDIS users to plan with their managers to get the most out of the NDIS cleaning packages.

How much does NIDS allow?

Many factors determine how much the NDIS allows for cleaning. Since everyone’s circumstances are different, they can vary. The NDIA will check your needs and then can claim for the NDIS cleaning that your plan finds necessary. The cleaning services that you can get will depend on your disability. There are certain tasks that you are unable to do and connected to your inability to perform. For instance, you may be able to do regular cleaning but not window cleaning. In this instance, the NDIS will pay for window cleaning only.

The NDIA demands cleaning companies charge by the hour. NDIS cleaning in Sydney costs up to $52.20 per hour. So before you get any work done, have a service agreement. This should include how much they charge per hour. When you have a service agreement, you can be confident that you get what you need at the right price. Otherwise, you will have to cover the extra cost if the budget shoots up.

You can have a clean house when you are clear about your cleaning tasks. Ensure you have a clear service agreement for NDIS cleaning for peace of mind.

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