Pressure washing checklist for your house

pressure washing checklist

The most important pressure washing checklist for your house

Be it any conducive season; it is never too late to pressure clean a house. You would know that going by the offers on house cleaning in Sydney. Pressure cleaning is a good choice if you want to keep your home looking great. Additionally, it also prevents the buildup of moss and algae. A clean house makes you feel confident if you are looking forward to inviting friends and family more often. While pressure washing may seem simple, many things need cleaning. Follow this pressure washing checklist to make your house look clean.

Start with the home exterior

When pressure washing the house, starting with the exterior is obvious, but it is also where you miss out on spots the most as it is easy to forget. Whether you hire professional pressure cleaning services or not is your call. Read on to understand how to pressure clean your house:

Sidings and exterior walls

Exterior walls are the first that comes to mind when considering pressure cleaning. It is an important aspect of your pressure washing checklist. It is where most dirt and grime sit, making the home look dull. The exterior wall pressure cleaning is also the one that takes time. So it is important to use various cleaning techniques to remove them. Doing so helps to make the exterior look bright and appealing. It is also a good prep if you are planning for a repaint for better curb appeal.

Pressure washing checklist in Sydney


These are something that is easy to overlook when cleaning the outside of a home. It is surprising as it is visible, yet homeowners sometimes forget to clean it. Many people assume that, when cleaning the sidings, the windows get cleaned, which is not true. So watch out for that!

To have a spotless finish, windows should be pressure-cleaned well. Also, use the right techniques to prevent damage or avoid dust and stains. If you are using a machine that has a high-pressure setting, avoid using it. The caulking gets damaged when it is on too high.


This place is perfect for spending time with your family in the warmer months. So, pressure cleaning this place is the best way to be ready for the warmer months. There is a great chance you will find dust, grime, and cobwebs. There can also be remnants of food and drink spills. These can get sticky and are difficult to remove without proper pressure washing. Remember this is another area in your pressure washing checklist that takes time. A proper washer is a prerequisite. It helps remove dust from small crevices, which are otherwise impossible.

The roof

The roof is another easy-to-forget place as you don’t visit it often. So it is the case of out of sight and out of mind. For thorough cleaning, a good wash of the room is a must. It also helps to avoid the accumulation of algae and moss. If you leave it long enough without cleaning, lichens develop. This, along with moss and algae, looks like thick growths on your roof. Regular cleaning can control and prolong the lifespan of the roof.

Clean out the gutters when pressure cleaning the roof. This will help rainwater drain from the roof. That, in turn, slows down the moss and algae growth in the room. When the roof has proper gutters, it inhibits fungi growth.


Walkways and driveways are also prone to staining. There can be oil spills from vehicles and dust and grime due to prevailing weather. Additionally, whenever you return home in your car, the tires have dirt that will end on the driveway. Pressure cleaning is an effective way to clean the driveways. Other than dirt, it can also get rid of oil stains and tough marks. Whether you hire cleaning services or clean it yourself, don’t forget the garage floors. This is also an area prone to stains and dirt. So needs to be part of your pressure cleaning checklist.

Pressure cleaning checklist in Sydney - Cleaning Corp

Outdoor furniture cleaning

This is an important part of your pressure washing checklist. When you clean your patio or deck, make sure to clean your furniture too. An effective way to clean it is through pressure cleaning. But when you or the cleaning services do it, ensure it is on low setting. Using a high setting can leave marks or, worse, chip or ruin the finish. Remember that outdoor pillows too can handle pressure cleaning. Even outdoor decorations like fountains, statues, and ornaments take pressure washing.


Fencing adds character to your house only when it is clean. Pressure cleaning is the best way to wash the fence, say cleaning experts Cleaning Corp. But like the garden furniture, use a low setting to prevent any damage.

Hire pressure cleaning in Sydney or DIY?

The foremost thing to consider is ‘do you have experience’?. Pressure washing may seem easy, but it is not, especially, if you have no prior knowledge about it. It is unlike the normal house cleaning service where you can do it yourself. Also, it can take away your precious time as it is not easy to get good results in a hurry. Additionally, think of any damage to the property due to a lack of expertise. The risk of personal injury is also high as you need to reach far-off places to clean. Then there is the pressure washer too.

Following the above and hiring professionals in pressure cleaning in Sydney helps. But don’t choose any company that you come across. Check reviews; determine the licensing they have; the pressure washing techniques they follow and then hire. Where to find them? Companies that provide house cleaning in Sydney, like Cleaning Corp, provide this service. They have the expertise to give you optimal results at an affordable price.

Finally, whether you opt for pressure cleaning services or not. Make sure you or the company you hire follow the above pressure cleaning checklist.

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