House Cleaning Prices in Sydney

House Cleaning Prices In Sydney

Did you know that the house cleaning prices in Sydney are not actually costly?

Unlike the commonly misconceived opinion, professional cleaners are actually an economic option when it comes to cleaning houses. House cleaning prices in Sydney are far more affordable when compared to investing a whole lot of money in the capital cost involved in the purchase of cleaning equipment and stocking up inventory. Especially when it comes to crucial routines like the decoloring of window blinds, removal of stains from carpets or tile flooring, etc, you need to spend a lot of time and energy which can even take up your whole weekend.

House cleaning is generally priced depending on the size of your house, intensity of cleaning required, the time interval between your last deep cleaning routine, manpower involved, or any other specialized requirements that you might have.

On average, you might be charged around $30 for a one-bedroom house in Sydney with respect to general cleaning procedures. It might cost you a little over $200 in total for a house with three bedrooms.

The cleaning package when it comes to house cleaning prices in Sydney would ideally be charged on the following basis

1. Hourly basis

The average cost involved in hiring a cleaner for house cleaning services rounds up to $30 to $35 an hour. But the overall time involved in completing your cleaning procedure depends on the size of your premises, the intensity of the routines involved, and any other add-on requirements that you might have like the organization and reorganization of your entire premises before and after cleaning.

In general, an apartment cleaning procedure can cost you anywhere between $90 to $150 since the procedure might take around three to five hours. When it comes to carpet cleaning, the procedure will take a solid two to three hours and might cost between $60 – $90 in total and window cleaning might sum up to $30 to $60. Ceiling cleaning, tile cleaning, fridge cleaning, spring cleaning, and other requirements.

2. Per room charges

The average house cleaning price for cleaning a large room is around $40. The cleaning cost that you’ll be priced for bathroom cleaning routines would be around $20. Pay per room charges would be feasible for you if you just want professional help for particular spaces within your house.

If you want to go for a deep cleaning and conditioning routine for your bathrooms, then this kind of rate might just be right for you since they justify the work involved completely. In addition, they can save a lot more money for you when compared to the other kinds of packages.

3. Flat rates

Some cleaners in Sydney might upright present you with fixed rates packages depending on the work involved. This might not be very feasible with you at all times since some cleaners might charge you a little extra than usual when it comes to flat packages. It is always a good idea to ask for a complete plan of action and package rates breakup before you blindly get the cleaners on-boarded.

But at the same time, a lot of house owners desire this the most since they don’t want to risk the hourly cleaning rates since they are of uncertain nature and they don’t want any drag along with or increased prices.

Curate a vision for your house cleaning and let your cleaners know all about this. Ask them more questions on their cleaning procedures followed and the equipment that they’ll bring your way.

4. Custom packages

When it comes to standard cleaning companies like Cleaning Corp, they’ll provide you with custom packages that are crated to suit your exact requirements like no other. They’ll charge you exactly for the work that they make happen at your premises.

Since the entire pattern of cleaning is planned around what your space needs best, you can be absolutely sure of the results that they bring your way.

5. Per sq. Ft rates

The cost per square foot when it comes to cleaning services in Sydney might be somewhere around $0.05 to $0.15.This means that for a 1000 Sq. ft house, you might be charged somewhere around $50 in total. But this is the case only for generic cleaning procedures and not the same for intense routines like deep cleaning or stain removal processes.

It is important that the cost you spend justifies the results that come your way. This can be achieved if you hire the best cleaning company for house cleaning in Sydney.

You should ideally be doing background checks on your cleaners by asking them about the following:


A surface look at someone’s previous works will give you an idea of how they fit into the picture for your specific requirements. You can also surf through their social mediums to source the reviews that they’ve garnered and you can weigh them in terms of their efficiency.

Niche cleaning experience

Be it routines like carpet cleaning, garden cleaning, ceiling cleaning, etc, your cleaner should be completely well-versed in what they do to offer you complete satisfaction. This will also reduce any damages that are prone to happen naturally while cleaning.

Procedures followed

Always make sure you go with a cleaner that offers green cleaning solutions with hand-picked organic supplies. This will ensure that there is no pungent after smells of cleaning at your household.

If you’re still not convinced about the house cleaning prices in Sydney, contact us for a free quote. At Cleaning Corp, we’re always here to assist you and take the vibe of your home to the next level!

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