Spring cleaning tips and tricks

Spring cleaning tips and tricks

7 spring cleaning tips and tricks for making houses clean

After a long winter, spring comes with its longer, brighter days with flowers blooming right outside our windows. But before we open our windows to welcome the fresh spring air, we ought to clean them properly first. Spring cleaning is an important tradition in all households, particularly, if you are or have an allergy sufferer around. Add to it the COVID-19 scare, this yearly task becomes even more crucial. However, the whole task can feel daunting and exhausting when the springtime arrives. To make this a little less discouraging and more manageable, experts at Cleaning Corp, one of the top cleaning service providers in Sydney, have noted down some of the best spring cleaning tips & tricks. These will greatly help you get to your spring cleaning ritual & get the job done more efficiently in less time.

Here are 7 spring cleaning tips that will make your lives easier this spring season

1. Make a schedule/clean room by room

Cleaning by making a schedule and starting room by room is an efficient way to start your deep cleaning practice. Create a crisp checklist for each of your rooms so nothing gets missed out and all areas that need extra attention are on that list. Pan out everything that you generally miss in your routine cleaning and start there. Regardless of which area of the room you begin with, having a plan mapped out will help you focus better. Once your task in hand is done efficiently, you can cross that from your list. The shorter your list gets, the more motivated you will become. The best is to therefore start room by room.

2. De-clutter & organize

One of the most important spring cleaning tips is to get rid of all the clutter. Disorganized spaces add more to mental stress and make the whole cleaning process appear more intimidating. An easy way of decluttering can be to categorize the clutter- trash, store, put away, give away. This can be an easy way to pick items one by one and place them in the right category. Once you’ve sorted through everything, start organizing important everyday use areas- desk drawers, closets, etc. You will be surprised how fresh everything will feel once these areas are clean and decluttered. A load of stress will be lifted once things are in their proper places.

spring cleaning tips

3. Keep minimum cleaning products & try to go as green as possible

If you need to buy cleaning supplies specifically for spring cleaning, try to keep your item list to a minimum. A plethora of cleaning supplies all-around can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead, get only the necessary items and opt for all-purpose cleaners and good-quality microfiber cleaning cloths. If you suffer from allergies, it’s a good idea to invest in green/organic chemical-free cleaners that are chemical-free.

4. Work from top to bottom

Spring cleaning often involves dealing with a lot of dust. Therefore, start from the ceiling as this will ensure that dust falls at the bottom. You won’t have to re-clean or re-clean your space. If you’re going to use your vacuum with the extension, make sure you take care of any cobwebs or dust from fans and ceilings first. Following this, dust off your furniture and the floor first and then vacuum those. This will nicely remove all dust and dirt from every corner completely.

5. Walls & windows are calling you

We often tend to clean the floors & ceiling with a lot of enthusiasm but tend to forget about our walls and windows. Dust doesn’t just settle on the floors and other surfaces. More often than not, a lot of dust debris is lying on our walls and windows. Start cleaning your window blinds (again top to bottom). Also, make sure to wipe down the window screen both inside and out.

6. Take care of the seasonal tasks

Some tasks are very season-specific and need not be done throughout the year. Tending to those at the right time will save you time and energy later. Seasonal chores such as cleaning the grill, taking care of the garden/patio, etc should all be done and dusted with as soon as the weather starts warming up. Take care of winter wear that needs to be stored away such as clothing, bedding, etc, or spring items that need to come out and be done with it as soon as the seasonal change happens. That way you won’t have to worry about them later.

7. Protect yourself from allergies

This tip is especially for those that suffer from allergies and have to clean their premises. Cleaning is likely to unsettle a lot of dust on the floors and furniture over the winter season. For allergy sufferers, it’s best to wear gloves and masks while cleaning the house. If needed, feel free to even put on scarves and hairnets. These protective items will help you guard yourselves and your skin against having allergic reactions or irritations.

Don’t fear spring cleaning

Spring cleaning tips mentioned above must help you get to your tasks in an efficient manner. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a deep-cleaned home right before the freshness of spring arrives. While you’re at it, try establishing new cleaning habits. For every tip mentioned above that works well for you, try and incorporate those in your cleaning rituals. The more you are used to your routine, the less daunting they will feel. At the end of the day, if everything still feels like too much, or if you don’t have time to get to taking care of your cleaning chores, there are other more efficient ways to get the desired cleaning done for your space- hiring a good spring cleaning services provider to help you out.

Cleaning Corp, a top-notch cleaning services provider in Sydney has experts that specialize in various cleaning services, including spring cleaning services. They have trained professionals who understand exactly the kind of cleaning your home needs specific to the season. An experienced spring cleaning company with great reviews, competitive pricing, can easily do all cleaning chores for you in less time with more efficiency. If you’re looking for or just thinking about the idea of hiring professional help-reach out to us today. Rest assured, you will have a fresh home ready to welcome spring with open arms.

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