House cleaning trends to look out in 2022

House cleaning trends

Trending house cleaning trends to look out for in 2022

Cleaning the house is no longer only removing dirt and dust. It is about making the home a pleasant place to live and a healthy place for your family to spend time. Keeping the house clean also plays a great role in mental health. A clean house refreshes and relaxes you along with boosting productivity. Now more than before cleaning has become a priority. Not only from the perspective of health but also because most people are working from home. They want the home to be tidy. With cleaning being a part of everyday life, house cleaning trends too have had some changes. Here’s a look at the latest trends that house cleaning services foresee for the rest of the year and in the near future.

Sustainability is a must

The latest trend seen in house cleaning and in fact world over is sustainability. Not a new thing, it has shifted gears to a must-have. Reducing environmental damage to the smallest is an important consideration. Professional cleaning services like Cleaning Corp use it in their services. Having a green product is not enough. The entire production chain needs to be safe for the environment. It includes biodegradable labeling and packaging.

Another priority in cleaning services is reducing waste in households. Green cleaning products are adapting this strategy too. There is an increase in products that uses less plastic in packaging. Instead of plastic containers, glass bottles where several refills have gained popularity. To reduce waste further, single-use mop heads replace washable ones. Reusable microfiber cloths instead of paper towels and disposable wipes are in place.

UVC technology

The latest trend in house cleaning services is Ultraviolet C technology. It has many purposes and one of them is disinfection. There is a threat of superbugs in the world. Antibiotics are medicines that can treat as well as prevent infections. But there is antibiotic resistance as the bacteria undergo changes. So that means longer hospital stays, more medical costs, and an increase in the death rate.

House cleaning trends in 2022

One of the ways to remove this is the use of Ultraviolet-C. It is an effective way of disinfection that can destroy stubborn viruses and bacteria. It is a method that is in use in hospitals as a way to sanitize the surface since the 1960s. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, it may soon see use in commercial places and houses too.

Disinfection using steam cleaning

Another simple disinfection method is steam cleaning. Hospitals were keen on finding ways to prevent the spread of infections. Sterilization of surfaces and equipment can destroy microorganisms. But this involves some amount of time and resources. So one of the useful innovations is steam cleaning.

A steam cleaner has a small boiler where water gets hot. Using this water allows for cleaning, sanitizing, and refreshing any surface. All this can happen without the use of detergents. This is one of the best house cleaning trends as it saves money and time. Additionally, it is safe for the environment and fights microbes. Due to the pandemic, this is likely to be an important trend in 2022.

Pet-friendly cleaning solutions

A pet boom is driving cleaning trends in 2022. There is a big growth in pet ownership across the globe. So people want house cleaning to use friendly products for furry friends. Instead of using general products that remove pet hair and dander, the use of equipment is in demand. Extra attachments and filtration systems to pick hair is the need of the hour. Also, pet-safe solutions like disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners, and floor-care products are in demand.

Quick cleaning products

People have busy schedules with little or no time for cleaning activities. So they are always on the lookout for products that can clean fast. Also, people want tools and cleaning solutions that are all-in-one. That helps to make cleaning easy. For example, Robo mops and vacuums are among the latest house cleaning trends. These are innovative and popular solutions. It requires the least effort to keep surfaces clean.

If you are not a fan of robots and are hands-on, cordless vacuums are ideal. It is an on-the-go solution for those who like to clean often but in a shorter time. Without the electrical cords, cleaning is more of an activity and less of a chore. It is a simple option to keep the house clean.

House cleaning trends in Sydney

Chemical-free solutions

People are stocking cleaning products that are healthy for themselves and their homes. There is an increase in the number of people switching to products that are safe for the environment. There is a demand for chemical-free water-based solutions. Cleaners that do not contain harmful formaldehyde and ammonia will be more in demand.

Preventive products

A clean office or a home is always welcome. But very few households want the headache of cleaning it or hiring house cleaning often. In a bid to reduce the frequency of cleaning, they are ready to pay a premium. That is because it is more convenient to clean a fewer times than often. Also, cleaning less saves time and also money. It is also in alignment with a desire to be more friendly to the environment.

So cleaning products should not only clean but also protect. For instance, products that prevent mold and rust also make them waterproof. This is among the house cleaning trends that will last not only this year but for years.

More knowledge about cleaning

Leading house cleaning services company, Cleaning Corp opine people are more knowledgeable after COVID-19. There is more focus on the ingredients in use in the cleaning solutions. There is also a better understanding that cleaning is much more. It includes disinfecting and sanitizing. Using this knowledge people are making better choices about the products. It should meet the standards of effectiveness and safety. As the priorities and schedules shift, the cleaning methods should too. Follow the top house cleaning in Sydney and spruce your homes.

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