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Strata cleaning being of Australian origin is a cleaning concept that is developed to make it easier for cleaning shared spaces in a setting where a number of families together live as a community like in the cases of apartments. But there are too many grounds to cover here. You can definitely not segment the common spaces and clean them by yourself because it’s just too much work and the place as a whole will not resonate with the vibe of your expectations. This right here is why you should hire us!

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The best Strata cleaning in Sydney

Strata cleaning basically refers to the divide and clean concept of seemingly big premises like villas, apartments, gated communities, etc. The shared spaces like the elevators, staircase, gardens, gyms, swimming pools, or even parking lots need their due cleaning from time to time so that they give the best first impression out at all times. Strata cleaners appointed by your residential community can do this for you at ease!

Why choose us as your strata cleaning in sydney

This might be one of the most strenuous house cleaning procedures there ever is. It can completely make or break the image that you have set out for yourself. As s owner of big residential spaces or as a part of the maintenance personnel, you have a lot of responsibility to hire just the right strata cleaners who will ensure that your shared spaces resonate with complete freshness at all times. Our market experience and professionally well-versed cleaners might be everything you’re looking for!

Benefits of hiring Cleaning Corp

Hire the best strata cleaning services

It doesn’t get any more standard or any more economical elsewhere. Talk to us today to understand what we can cover for you and see how we are going to do it right under your budget.

Custom Packages

All our packages are designed specifically to the requirements that you come to us with

Quality Results

Be it anything that you want, we’ll provide you the best of all worlds.

Green procedures

We’ll only present you with the safest of procedures that are up to date in the industry

Economic Prices

We are in the most affordable segment of the cleaning industry right under your budget


The reason why our clients keep coming back to us is because of the hassle-free procedure we bring their way.


We have been doing this for years now and have an impeccable track record.

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Our strata cleaners will give you the best!

We remain a trusted household name in all of Sydney and the major reason for this is that we have the best professionals in town.

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Diligent services

Our core mission at Cleaning Corp is to present our clients with a pleasant journey all through.

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Transparent reports

We’ll keep you posted on every last happening then and there so that we are on the same page.

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Standard Procedures

We stick to authoritative global guidelines that can give you the best quality results.

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Timely updates

You’ll always be in our process loop without being blindsided since we’ll update you time and again

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24/7 assistance

We are right here whenever you need us. All you have to do is pick your phone and give us a call!

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Dedicated support

Once you hire us, you’ll be assigned a point of contact who will be your account manager.

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Insured services

No more worries about damages or replacements. Our insurance coverage will keep you covered.

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Reliable turn-around

Our strata cleaning services in Sydney are highly lauded for delivering our promises on time.

Giving you the best outlook and the right first impression is on us!

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Why are we Rated #1 for strata cleaning

Strata cleaning in Sydney is not simple. There are a lot of grounds to cover and they also come with a lot of hindrances and considerations. A keen professional eye who is well-versed with every last detail is what you need to do a good job with your strata requirements. At Cleaning Corp, we’ll send them your way. All our cleaners remain top-class experts in the whole of Australia!

Quick turn-around
Friendly professionals
Cheap custom packages
Subject-matter expertise
Flexible working
Best of procedures

Our business depends on your heartfelt satisfaction!


Restore the beauty of your premises by making way to a well-maintained garden


No more cobwebs even on your high ceilings. Hire us now to make a complete change!

Utility areas

Be it your common restrooms, gyms, kitchens, or other spaces, we’ll take care of them all.

Parking lots

No more grease stains or stinky smells. We’ll give you a twist that you least expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions before making your decision? Here are some of the answers you might be looking for.

Yes, we do. We offer recurring cleaning packages in daily, weekly and bi-weekly packages.

It completely depends on your requirements, the size of your strata area, and the intensity of cleaning that you require.

At Cleaning Corp, we are insured with third-party liability schemes and workers’ compensations thoroughly. Even in the event of damages, you’ll face absolutely no trouble.


Not at all. We come as a package and we’ll take care of it all between end to end.


We are flexible in our work schedules and we can send our cleaners your way whenever you’re comfortable.

Do we serve your location yet?

We are branching around each month improving our radius. Our predominant areas include the following…You can still get in touch with us if your area is not listed here yet and we’ll try to reach you up!

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We are ready to give your strata cleaning the best look of a lifetime!

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