What is pressure cleaning and its importance for house cleaning?

what is pressure cleaning

What is pressure cleaning and how does it actually work for homes?

Is there a magic wand that can remove the many years of dirt, dust, grime, mildew, and other unattractive materials stuck to the exterior of your homes? Yes, there is, and that is pressure cleaning. If you are wondering what is pressure cleaning, read below to know all about what it is and its importance.

What is pressure cleaning?

Pressure cleaning a home or commercial building is a maintenance process that uses water at high pressure to remove dust, grime, mould, loose paint, and other stubborn objects. Here water is the primary cleaning ingredient, a liquid that dissolves most substances. Hence it is called a universal solvent, and since most of the dirt accumulated in the home exteriors is water-soluble, it can dissolve easily from the exteriors. This cleaning ability of water is enhanced by the use of high pressure and speed. A constant stream of water is jetted at the dirt at high pressure using mechanical action to rinse the dirt.

The amount of pressure and the speed of the water are determined depending on the surface, reach, and the level of grime accumulation. Pressure cleaning can be done to clean surfaces like patios, roofs, sidewalks, home exteriors, driveways, decks, parking spaces, fencing, grills, outdoor furniture, and gutters. Pressure cleaning is considered an efficient and effective way to clean homes and commercial establishments.

Importance of pressure cleaning

Now that you know what is pressure cleaning, you may be wondering why to hire cleaning services for your home when you can accomplish it by using a garden hose. No, it is not so because pressure cleaning is not just removing the dirt by rinsing. It is a thorough deep cleaning of the house involving the most intricate places where the hose can’t reach. Deep cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance as it is not just about the looks of the house but also the family’s health. Here’s why you need pressure cleaning from a Cleaning Corp.

what is pressure cleaning

Reduces damage

The grime or dust accumulated on the home exteriors looks pretty harmless. But they can cause a lot of damage to your property. When mould, dust, or grime start building up on the outdoor items, they slowly start to eat the surfaces they are on, and that causes corrosion. They cause damage to the paint, surface coatings, and sealant and slowly begin to damage underneath the surface, like the wood on the deck or the sidings.

Once the materials start to break down, the underneath becomes vulnerable as it is exposed to various elements like moisture and vermin. All this can cause you a lot of financial losses as it can damage the building structure itself.

If you leave the damage to the property aside, the grime and mould that buildup in the crevices if left untreated, are breeding grounds for bacteria and other pests. Pressure cleaning washes away the moss, dirt, and grime from the surfaces and the tiny crevices. It blasts out everything built over time and prevents allergies that can cause a major health issue to the family.

Improves the curb appeal

If you are looking to improve the curb appeal and give a dramatic appearance to your home, then pressure cleaning from reputed cleaning services is a must. You can see a major difference in the visual appearance after a house cleaning by a pressure wash. Be it cleaning the driveway, the brick pathway, or using high pressure to reach your tall buildings; it can give a drastic makeover to your house with satisfying results. The building looks brand new, which can considerably increase the curb appeal. Since people judge the value of the home by its appearance, it can increase the commercial value of the house greatly.

It saves precious time and energy

Your time and energy are precious for you and your family, So pressure cleaning through a house cleaning company can be a significant benefit. But why particularly pressure cleaning and not anything else. That is because using pressure washing equipment; you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. The amount of time it saves, compared to doing it manually is highly impressive.

Imagine you with a garden hose or a long moping stick scrubbing away the stubborn dirt, wasting away your precious weekend. Additionally, you may end up unable to complete the task and leave it for the next weekend, or the results are not as you expected. Since manual washing is ineffective, pressure cleaning services using the latest equipment are the ideal way to go.

what is pressure cleaning

Though the amount of time to pressure wash your entire building varies depending on the size of the home, the equipment used, the number of people allotted, and the accessibility of the parts of the home exterior. You can be guaranteed it can be done in a few hours, and your house can end up looking like new.

It is a prerequisite for painting

Whether it is for a renovation or adding a new coat of paint, the house’s exterior needs to be washed and cleaned. You can’t simply add a new coat of paint on old dirty surfaces, cleaning can help prime the surface and remove any peeling or loose paint. Moreover, it is not just that the walls, roof, and windows get pressure cleaned, and other associated spaces get spruce. That helps to remove unsightly stains caused by regular use.

Now that you know what is pressure cleaning and its importance, you may want to try it as a DIY project. But it is a type of cleaning that professionals best do with experienced hands. Instead of using home tools or renting a costly pressure washer, you can use the services of a cleaning company. They will get the best equipment suited for the job, complete the task without any fuss and move out of the house for you to enjoy the place.

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