Are you wondering about the NDIS cleaning rates in Sydney?

NDIS cleaning rates in sydney

Everything regarding NDIS cleaning rates in Sydney explained in detail

NDIS or The National Disability Insurance program aims at helping people with disabilities with opportunities that could help them in their everyday lives. The goal is to ensure these individuals have access to all services that can make their lives easier. In the same vein, NDIS cleaning is intended to help participants stay in supported living spaces with their cleaning requirements. Therefore, this cleaning can be exercised for professional cleaning of the residence of an NDIS client. Since house cleaning chores might otherwise be difficult for people with disabilities, NDIS cleaning services greatly help them. However, unlike rates for regular cleaning services, there is often a lot of confusion around NDIS cleaning prices. To give some clarity on this, experts at Cleaning Corp have written this article on NDIS cleaning rates in Sydney. Subsequently, you will get a good idea of everything related to NDIS cleaning in Sydney & more.

Decoding the NDIS cleaning rates in Sydney

Many factors are kept in mind before the NDIS allocates you a reasonable budget. However, the NDIS has a very specific system for invoices, so it’s important to get clarity on how NDIS cleaning cost is usually calculated. Let’s try and understand in depth.

Let’s try and understand NDIS cleaning rates in greater depth

  • The NDIS includes tasks like gardening, cleaning, and other home maintenance-related items under the ‘Assistance with Daily Living’ category. Check your plan and look for this category as this influenced the NDIS cleaning rates in Sydney. Under the ‘In my place portal’, look for daily activities. There you see house cleaning and yard maintenance are included within the assistance with everyday needs.
  • If you’ve got a budget allocated under this category in your NDIS plan, you get to use it for support. Although, it is necessary you meet the criteria mentioned in the above point.
  • Above all, it’s important to note that Assistance with Daily Living comes under the ‘core support’ category. Moreover, the budget from categories of core support can be used for other core tasks as well. For instance, transport, assistance with community & social participation, consumables, etc.
  • The support NDIS puts into your fund plan is usually very reasonable. As a result, If the assistance with daily living is a part of your plan, you can hire support and cleaning experts like Cleaning Corp to help you.
  • Let’s talk pricing. Although the NDIS cleaning cost can vary from company to company, a ballpark figure can surely be looked into. For instance, a complete house or yard maintenance hourly rate can be roughly around $50. While the same service in remote areas can cost $69, for extremely remote areas, nearly $75 can be charged.
  • For strictly household-related essential house cleaning, NDIS cleaning rates are almost the same. Hourly rates for national areas are around $50. For remote areas, around $71, and for very remote, $76.

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How does eligibility for NDIS cleaning services work

To exercise NDIS services for cleaning, the plan manager and the participants must be registered with NDIA. NDIA is the agency for the National Disability Insurance. Subsequently, after verifying with them, the cleaning agency discusses the scope of cleaning tasks required. Additionally, details like cleaning schedule, any special add ons, and all other details are chalked out. This is the time for effective communication and getting clarity on everything. More often than not, customized plans based on the disability of the owner can be made by the cleaning companies. Additionally, cleaning schedules are also highly flexible. However, above all, everything depends on the NDIS support plan that the participants hold given the budget clarity comes from there. Plan managers play a crucial role in getting the participants most out of the services that can be provided.

Why you should choose Cleaning Corp as your NDIS cleaning partner

The majority of competing cleaning businesses are likely not registered with the NDIS. Therefore, they might not be best equipped to understand how NDIS cleaning works. Choosing Cleaning Corp, a registered NDIS provider to help with all things NDIS cleaning services related is the best choice. We have experienced cleaners who are aware of NDIS rules and regulations and do the perfect cleaning job accordingly. Moreover, our competing pricing and value-for-money rates give you top-quality work at the right prices. Some of the services that we provide under NDIS cleaning are:

Cleaning Corp provides under our NDIS cleaning rates

  • Sweeping, vacuuming & mopping floors
  • Cleaning the bathrooms & kitchens
  • Dusting & subsequently wiping all surfaces
  • Deep kitchen cleaning including the taps, benches, sinks, taps, microwave, ovens, etc
  • Deep bathroom cleaning including showers, baths, and toilets
  • All furniture dusting & wiping
  • Changing all bedsheets
  • Defrosting fridges
  • Deep Spring Cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Yard maintenance and gardening can also be done, both together with house cleaning chores or separately. However, the rates might differ.

ndis cleaning rates in sydney

It’s important to pay attention to whether the cleaners will just do spot cleaning or provide a comprehensive house cleaning. While spot cleaning might work for certain areas, it’s better to get professionals who can handle everything. Moreover, given the pandemic situation, it might be a good idea to properly clean & disinfect the surroundings in regular intervals.

Hire experts for all your NDIS cleaning needs

Taking care of cleaning chores with a disability can be difficult and arduous. Therefore, hiring professionals & getting extra pair of hands to help you with the same might be a better idea. The above article clarified NDIS cleaning rates in Sydney. Cleaning Corp assures its users of the best possible pricing for top-quality cleaning services. With over 10+ years of experience, our NDIS cleaning prices are super competitive, reasonable, and totally value for money. Our experts know exactly how to handle all house cleaning tasks with care & ensure you’re left with a spotless home. Book an appointment with us today.

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