Covid-19 cleaning service price list in Sydney

Covid-19 cleaning services price list

Are you looking for a Covid-19 cleaning services price list in Sydney?

The coronavirus pandemic is still not over & rising covid cases seem to impact us all, one way or another. As a result, the focus has shifted towards hygiene, cleanliness, and overall health more than ever before. Although seriousness around regular cleaning is picking up, there is often the doubt whether we can do the deep cleaning ourselves for areas that have come in contact with the virus. This also explains the rise in demand for covid cleaning via a professional cleaning. In other words, people realize that professionals can do a better cleaning-related job, especially if it’s covid cleaning centered. However, this can also raise some concerns & confusion regarding covid deep-cleaning prices and whether or not they will drain your cleaning budgets. To address this, experts at Cleaning Corp have jotted a covid-19 cleaning service price list to give you a fair idea on this topic.

What does the perfect Covid-19 cleaning services price list in Sydney include?

To clearly understand what constitutes covid deep cleaning service cost, let us look at the basis on which these are priced:

Size of the area

Goes without saying the bigger the area, the higher the costs due to greater requirements of effort & time.

The intensity of cleaning

A covid related cleaning requires a more in-depth cleaning as well as disinfecting which affects the pricing.

No cleaners are needed

Covid cleaning requires professionals to be extremely diligent & careful in their work. Consequently, they not just clean the area but also thoroughly disinfect it, all while wearing appropriate protective apparel. All this can require, more number of cleaners than usual, leading up to higher covid cleaning cost.

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Extra Services

Any extra/special services you might request from the team could also add to your covid deep cleaning prices. For instance, you could also ask for deep-cleaning ceilings or windowsills, etc which might require complex equipment & more time. You could also request the team to do regular cleaning in other parts of the house, all of which will add to your costs. However, this could also get you a nice deal with the cleaning company and prove to be more cost-effective.

What goes on in covid cleaning and how much does it cost?

The process of cleaning

Firstly, cleaners do regular cleaning of the entire targeted area, covering all its surfaces. This is followed by a deeper cleaning of the same. In addition, post all the cleaning tasks, they use top-quality disinfectants to ensure that the entire area gets virus-free. Subsequently, disinfecting is done again using a sanitizing spray. All experts perform all the tasks mindfully while maintaining safety and taking all precautions at all times.


Now let us decode the Covid-19 cleaning services price list in Sydney. On average, it can cost you anywhere between $0.75- $2 per square foot covered. So, a 500 sq ft. area could amount to $375-$1000 depending on factors such as size, intensity & the company. Moreover, one can also look at this from the basis of the hourly rate. House cleaning companies can charge anywhere between $70-$100 per hour, depending on the work type. In contrast to regular cleaning that includes mopping, vacuuming, brooming, etc and would cost roughly $20 an hour, covid cleaning cost can go up to $80 or more as mentioned above. In addition, the number of cleaners needed to clean the area will also affect the overall costs. To clarify, a single expert cleaner can cover an area of around 400-500 sq ft within an hour. However, this is a rough estimate and rates can change subject to the intensity of the clean.

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The above factors and average costs should give you a good idea about what to expect with covid cleaning budgets. However, it is noteworthy that everything ultimately comes down to the cleaning partner you choose. It is possible to find a great partner who gives you top-notch services for a quote that is value for money. Covid is stressful enough, your focus should be to find reliable partners that help you through this phase with ease. Therefore, more than costs, start with finding the right team and then get into what they’re charging and why. Ask & understand their breakdown of services & you will be able to assess if it’s the right deal for you.

Covid cleaning need not escalate your cleaning budgets

Cleaning Corp is one of the leading cleaning companies in Sydney and provides top-quality covid cleaning services. All staff is trained for conducting a deep covid cleaning & is equipped to handle this very well. The company continuously conducts training & programs and keeps all cleaning staff updated with the latest covid guidelines. This helps them do justice to all the cleaning requests received in the pandemic. Extra efforts are put to ensure all staff is aware of the risks involved and take necessary precautions so everyone around is safe and secure.

Although many cleaning companies claim to offer covid related cleaning, they can often charge a very high covid deep cleaning service cost without any assurance on the quality provided. The right cleaning partner will understand how to do the best job in the right amount of time and for a price that’s value for money. With years of experience in the cleaning industry, Cleaning Corp is your best pick for all covid cleaning services. Our covid-19 cleaning services price list is inclusive of the best cleaning treatments and will ensure your place is spotless and safe to go back to. Reach out to us today.

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