COVID cleaning checklist

COVID Cleaning Checklist

Best COVID cleaning checklist

Life is slowly getting back to normal, and people have started to venture out for education, work, and other routine activities. Though, it may not be life as usual with the COVID 19 pandemic teaching us lessons on cleanliness. The only way to stay out of harm’s way is to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Are businesses ready to welcome staff and customers? Can we go back to the pre-COVID days? These are some of the questions that can be addressed by the following cleanliness. The virus can live for days on surfaces, and hence COVID cleaning checklist should be part of the routine to protect employees and customers from the deadly virus.

The government has charted out guidelines for businesses to restart. Cleanliness has become the new norm. While reopening your business, following the new COVID cleaning protocol is crucial. Keep in mind social distancing and hygiene when preparing the new work layout. With the scare of coronavirus taking new avatars now and then, it is important to understand the value of cleanliness to bring life back to normal.

Here are some tips to keep your homes and offices clean and disinfected

There is no standard COVID cleaning checklist as no one size fits all. Each office space has unique challenges that have to be combated differently. High traffic areas like lobbies, stairways, elevators, conference rooms, hallways, etc., are accessible by the public and need to be given extra care.

The touchpoints like doorknobs, chairs, handrails, Xerox machines, printers, water dispensers, and coffee machines can all be a point of infection. The first thing that comes to our minds when a colleague tests positive is what are the common areas the infected person had accessed.

The only way to thwart the spread is to disinfect the common areas regularly. The surfaces have to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes and allowed to dry. Wiping it dry can reduce the efficacy of the sterilizer.

Public restroom cleaning

Common restrooms accessed by staff and customers are the danger zone harbored by viruses and germs. Despite being flushed regularly, the shocking reality is that small contaminated particles in the toilet water hanging in the air can be harmful when inhaled. Moreover, the water particles are also potential carriers. So, how to prevent this threat?

Installing toilet lids can contain plumes. The exhaust fans installed in the restroom should be running all the time to flush out the contaminated air. Regular cleaning of toilets with disinfectants can help address the contamination issues. Also, use disinfectant wipes to sanitize the surfaces like doorknobs, flush tank handles, sinks, faucets, washbasins, and counters.

Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean the restrooms can give you peace of mind. These trained cleaning technicians give you not only odor-free bathrooms but also contamination-free restrooms. They eliminate odor-causing germs and cover the faucets with a germicidal barrier. They also use electrostatic sprays that keep the germs away for a week. All you need to do between the weekly deep cleaning is to wipe the fixture with a damp cloth.

Office workstation COVID cleaning

Did you know that a normal office desk can lodge ten million bacteria? Though not all are a threat, it is wise to be careful than complaint during the pandemic times. Smartphones, tablets, coffee mugs, etc., can all harbor germs. The COVID cleaning checklist must talk about disposing of food containers and papers that are not required anymore. Before starting work, the workstation has to be wiped clean with disinfectant. You can also take the assistance of professional COVID cleaning services every week to disinfect the surfaces. Check the COVID cleaning prices before signing up for a Cleaning Corp

COVID cleaning prices

Significance of hiring COVID cleaning services

Take your office hygiene to a new level by hiring a cleaning service Daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly cleaning can be chosen as per the footfall in the company. Despite regular cleaning chores to reduce germs in the office space, deep cleaning once in a while is recommended to keep away harmful viruses. Cleaning office surfaces with vaporizers can help build a healthy work environment, where employees can work without any fear of infection. Verify the COVID cleaning prices to suit your budget.

Deep cleaning is essential to reach areas that are not touched in regular day-to-day cleaning. Adding deep cleaning to your office routine becomes mandatory in these testing times to maintain the well-being of the staff and customers. A complete germ defense plan is possible with deep cleaning, especially in commercial areas like kitchen, pantry, waiting room, personal offices, cubicles, common area, nursing area, etc. A professional Cleaning Corp services provides comprehensive coverage handling every minute space.

The reason to hire a professional cleaning service. is that they use powerful cleaning products that are hard on germs and soft on humans. Hospital-grade disinfectants can kill harmful viruses giving you peace of mind. Moreover, the cleaning solution protects the surfaces for a long period from viruses. The use of a sprayer gives a positive ion to the germicide to make it more effective.

The benefits of using professional COVID cleaning services can give a long-lasting cleaning to your office. It helps to contain 99.99% foodborne microorganisms; it is non-toxic, food-safe, and non-erosive. Check COVID cleaning prices for affordability.

It is the responsibility of enterprises to deliver a safe and hygienic work environment to employees and customers. Only a clean environment can encourage workers to return to work without hesitation. Therefore, prepare a thorough COVID cleaning checklist, and do not miss out on the professional COVID cleaning services to get ultimate protection from harmful viruses.


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