End of lease cleaning checklist by professionals

End of lease cleaning checklist by professionals

Are you searching for the perfect end-of-lease cleaning checklist by professionals?

Ending a tenancy is a stressful and challenging affair, regardless of whether you are moving for the first time or you have experience of moving before. When the time comes to move out of your rental estate, one must fulfill a set of responsibilities without exception. Moreover, you get the refund & the deposit on the house back only after the landlord has done its inspection of the place, making it even more imperative to leave the place in a good condition. Although some people hire a professional end-of-lease cleaning company, others have to do this hard chore themselves. Henceforth, professionals at Cleaning Corp share with you their end-of-lease cleaning checklist that they use, covering everything you need to know before you get to the moving-out cleaning.

Before you even get to the end of lease cleaning checklist by professionals, you must keep the following in mind

1. Prepare a schedule

People sometimes underestimate the time and effort required in doing complete house cleaning. Therefore, prepare a schedule and ideally split it into several days and try to not leave everything for the end.

2. Empty your house

This is highly recommended because a lot of mess occurs while you’re moving. Additionally, exit cleaning requires a thorough routine for cleaning than usual. Once you empty, there’s more space and concentration to get to every corner and finish the job well.

3. Get the right supplies

Without the right supplies, you will only struggle more, plus the job won’t be done as smoothly. You must have brooms, dustpans, brush, gloves, mop, vacuum, buckets, carpet cleaners (if needed), oven cleaners, cleaning products, sponges, soaps, ladder (if needed), screwdrivers (if needed), newspapers, paper towel and anything else you think will be essential to. Consequently, it’s important to assemble them all in one place before you begin the process.

4. Go room by room

Going room by room will keep you mentally sane about having covered each part of the house without getting confused. Subsequently, the list below tells you what you need for the end-of-lease cleaning checklist based on every room of the house.

end of lease cleaning checklist

End of lease cleaning checklist divided by every area of the house

1. Kitchen

Starting with the kitchen is always a good idea as cleaning this needs maximum effort. Moreover, depending on how extensively you used the kitchen/cooked, the grease build-up can vary between mild to severe. The list will help greatly to get it done right.

  • Rinse, Clean, then polish all drawers & cupboards inside and out
  • Clean inside and out of the refrigerator and freezer (if needed)
  • Scrub the washing soap dispenser, filters, and the machine from all sides
  • Wipe microwave inside and out
  • Rinse and polish the grill
  • Clean dishwashers
  • Wiped, de-grease, polish fans & filters
  • Remove any mold/grease from the wall tiles. Wash them, clean, and then polish
  • Wash down kitchen countertops
  • Clean all kitchen appliances
  • Wipe the windows from the inside
  • Scrub down the window ledges/sills
  • Clean the door, doorknobs, boards, etc
  • Wipe the radiators
  • Clean the switches, plugs
  • Deep vacuum and wash the hard floors

2. Bathroom & Toilet

When it comes to the amount of effort needed for cleaning, bathrooms sure come right after the kitchen. Although most people hate doing the bathrooms, leaving it for the very end. But the ideal thing would be to get good supplies that are effective & clean the bathrooms right after the kitchen.

  • Wash the tiled surfaces
  • Clean the shower screens/glasses/door
  • Move on and next clean the basins and the bathtubs
  • Scrub & clean the showerheads and faucets
  • Disinfect the toilets, then clean them
  • Clean all the handles and knobs
  • Clear and clean the medicine and any other cabinets
  • Polish all the mirrors
  • Dust all the air vents

3. Bedroom, dining room, living room

Most rooms are similar, so a standard list should work for them all. If your house has multiple floors, just pay extra attention to the staircases and the hallways. The following list should help with all rooms:

  • The first sweep, then vacuum and finally mop the floors
  • Clean all the drawers, shelves, and cupboards
  • Clear out and clean all wardrobes, mirrors, tracks, and frames
  • Wash window, sills, and tracks (the interiors side)
  • Clean the light fixtures (accessible ones)
  • Remove any cobwebs
  • Steam clean the carpets (as required)
  • Wash all the walls (spot cleans or entire walls, as required)
  • Carry a pest control (if required)

4. Laundry

These are the quick bits. Simple tips will work for these areas:

  • Vacuum, sweep, and/or mop floors
  • Remove the dryer lint
  • Wipe down the surfaces of the washer and the dryer
  • Clean all the handles, sink, and the spout

5. Balcony

It’s common for houses in Sydney to have outdoor balconies. One of the cool tricks is to use newspapers for washing the balcony screens. This is great as it leaves a streak-free window.

  • Vacuum, sweep and/or mop the floor
  • Wash the patio doors and tracks (both from inside and outside)
  • Scrub and wash the windows, tracks, and sills

6. Garage

Last but not least, if you have a garage, follow this quick guide. Cleaning the garage takes the least amount of time, so don’t worry too much about it.

  • Sweep the floors
  • Clean the drawers, shelves, and the cupboards
  • Remove any cobwebs

Final Thoughts

To summarize, end-of-lease cleaning is an important task that tenants have to do before emptying a rented house. Although the above list tells you how to go about doing the job, it can often feel strenuous, back-breaking & overwhelming. A lot goes on when one shifts houses & has to take care of all the moving. Therefore, doing the perfect house cleaning might feel like too much to handle in a situation like this. For this reason, hiring a professional cleaning company might be the right move for you. Undoubtedly, the right cleaning services will save you time and keep you stress-free.

Cleaning Corp is a top cleaning company in Sydney that provides many cleaning services, including, end of lease cleaning services. With 10 plus years of experience, our cleaners know how to perfectly clean places when it’s time to move out. They have professional expertise & know how to follow the end-of-lease cleaning checklist like the back of their hand. If you’re looking or considering hiring professionals to help you, reach out to us today. Rest assured, your house will be in perfect hands.

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