How long should it take to clean the house?

How long should it take to clean the house?

Is house cleaning your biggest headache yet?

It sure can be. Especially if you belong to the working population of Australia like most of us who only get the weekends to relax, picking the broom up on your rest day can simply get on your nerves. But it need not be as much time-consuming if you just go about it with a well-thought-out action plan in place.

How long you take for your routine entirely depends on a few factors like the size of your house, the time interval from when you last cleaned it, the intensity of cleaning procedures required, and the effectiveness of your supplies even.

What should you include as a part of your house cleaning services?

  • Sweeping floors and vacuuming procedure for dust, dirt, and grime removal
  • Cobweb cleaning from all the ceiling corners, walls, and windows
  • Mopping all floors spaces, tiles, and bathroom floors
  • Cleaning countertops, sinks, and washbasins
  • Scrubbing stained areas of the floor
  • Disinfecting all the areas from corner to corner
  • Sanitizing the high touchpoints
  • Taking the trash out

How often clean a house

Ideal time is taken for cleaning

If you’re going to clean your house all by yourself, it’s going to take anywhere between three to four hours to do everything that’s mentioned above. It’s going to take only an hour or two for a house cleaning company in the picture because they have a well-versed hand to go about the procedure faster than you and also in an orderly fashion. Not to mention all the fancy cleaning tools that they bring your way to make the procedure happen even faster.

Other add-on procedures that you should be doing at least every two months or so

  • Laundry cleaning
  • Cleaning blinds, window frames, and window glasses along with the exteriors
  • Vacuuming carpets, drapes, and curtains
  • Gutter cleaning to ensure proper flow
  • Toilet bowls complete cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization even with respect to the seat and the interiors

These can be even more crucial and might take you almost 4 more hours or even more as you do it completely. When you hire professional cleaning services, you’d give yourself the chance to do even this add-on cleaning at one go along with your usual routine as necessary. A professional would take an additional hour to finish these as well and if your requirements are a little time-consuming they’d send an appropriate number of cleaners as necessary to complete your cleaning requirement as quickly as possible.

How can you hire a cleaning company that falls under your budget?

1. Experienced cleaners

Most cleaning companies in Sydney charge you on the basis of the time involved. On a general note, you might be charged somewhere between $15 to $25 an hour for basic cleaning routines, and these charges might increase with the complexity of the work involved.

When you go for expert cleaners, they’d be well-versed in the routine and go along with the flow in an even more orderly fashion. This will help them cover the area in question in a lot less time than usual thus reducing the overall cost involved in your cleaning procedure. In addition, there will not be any redundancy in the process as they will decide on a plan of action along with a checklist prior to your approval before they even start so as to meet your expectations that perfect way.

2. Always go for someone who is insured

The budget involved in cleaning is not just going to depend on the amount that you spend on your cleaners. But it is will also be escalated if in case there are any damages that you need to get repaired from your pocket.

A company like Cleaning Corp onboard is completely insured with third-party liability compensation schemes to ensure that we take complete accountability for what we make happen at your premises. If in case of any unfortunate event that results in property damage, we’ll spring into action to repair or replace things as soon as possible.

3. Recurring cleaning routines

There are recurring cleaning packages that you can ideally go for which will save you a whole lot of money. When you go for long-term packages like daily, monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly cleaning routines, you become a prospective client for the company in question and they will hence present you with packages that are quoted at a price cheaper than usual.

how often cleaning a house

At Cleaning Corp

1. We carry 10+ years of experience

We have been leaving our remark in this space for over ten years now. Home cleaning is very sensitive since this is the space you’re going to keep coming back to and we’ll do everything in our place to make your home feel fresh and crystal clear post we step in.

2. We only green clean

We understand how human health considerations are mandatory when it comes to our choice of supplies. Hence, we only bring hand-picked organic supplies that are completely eco-friendly in nature. These solutions are in fact easy on your pet and children’s health as well.

Added brownie point? We’ll make sure that there’s no pungent aftermath cleaning smell that is usually the case after cleaning!

3. We offer customized cleaning packages

As a highly reputed house cleaning, we understand that no two spaces can be cleaned the same way. We’ll hence personalize our packages according to your exact requirements and clean it your way.

Still, worried if a cleaner will be over your budget? Call us today to understand how much we’ll exactly charge you beforehand!


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