What is spring cleaning?

what is spring cleaning

Let us understand what is spring cleaning

Almost everyone has heard the term spring cleaning but most of us still have confusion on what it truly means. In this article, experts at Cleaning Corp explain ‘what is spring cleaning’ and how knowing about it can help you. Simply put, the tradition of annual deep cleaning of homes can be understood as spring cleaning. In other words, this includes all activities that aren’t usually a part of normal cleaning routines. For example, this includes cleaning properly under the furnishings & carpets. Similarly, it can also mean cleaning up dust and dirt from the ceiling to the floors. In short, it’s a broad definition that contains various detailed aspects of house cleaning. Because these special cleaning rituals are carried out during the spring months, they are termed spring cleaning. Let’s understand what is included in a proper ‘spring clean’.

What is spring cleaning really and what does it include?

Although spring cleaning is a relatively simple question, when it comes to what’s included in a spring clean routine, there isn’t a perfect list. Everyone has their priorities when it comes to tasks required to keep the house in top shape. The following list covers our standard spring cleaning, which should give you a good idea about what is included in a good spring clean:

  • Disinfecting & cleaning all types of surfaces- especially high traffic touch areas
  • Descaling the bathrooms
  • Vacuuming & Mopping all floors of the house
  • Window cleaning, wiping from inside and out
  • Oven and Grill cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of the refrigerator
  • Carpet Cleaning & vacuuming
  • Inside cupboards, shelves & drawers cleaning, etc
  • Deep cleaning of the storage rooms/garages
  • Properly cleaning the porch
  • Mowing the lawn/gardens
  • Doing the upholstery cleaning and steam cleaning works best often for this
  • Rinsing, wiping, washing the roof, etc.

Besides these, if there are other specific cleaning rituals, those too can be added to the list. Everyone’s list can look a little different and that’s completely normal.

what is spring cleaning

How often should you do a spring clean?

Although traditionally spring clean is done once a year, doing it a few times is a better idea. Our advice would be to do it at least 2-3 times. For instance, think of special occasions, such as anniversaries, festivities or birthdays, etc to schedule your cleaning around it. However, remember this is for the deep cleaning aspect of house cleaning. But, when it comes to regular cleaning, it should continue promptly, say, every fortnight or so. If doing this feels like too much to handle, think about hiring house cleaning services to help you out. Above all, regular cleaning includes dusting, wiping, and cleaning all accessible surfaces and easy vacuuming reachable areas. Subsequently, cleaning your bath, toilets, and shower and emptying trash cans are all part of your regular cleaning.

It is important to remember the number of times you should carry out a spring clean can also depend on factors like how big your house/area of cleaning is, how often do you have social occasions/parties, or if you have kids who keep the place very messy, etc. Different factors lead to different cleaning routines, but nonetheless, following a simple one can lead to a clean & hygienic environment.

Have you considered booking professionals that provide spring cleaning services?

The above article clarified in detail what is spring cleaning and since it entails deep & thorough house cleaning, a lot of people prefer hiring professional cleaning services for this. Opening doors after a cold winter to a fresh clean house is everyone’s desire. However, to ensure that every house needs to go through a deep cleaning ritual. This can prove to be hard and tedious to carry on one’s own. Therefore, looking for a cleaning company that has expertise in providing spring cleaning service is a great idea. A professional spring cleaning company knows exactly what & how cleaning needs to be done, saving you effort and time. Consequently, you get a spring-cleaned home that is fresh and ready for the spring season.

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