End of lease cleaning tips to ensure 100% bond back

End of lease cleaning tips

End of lease cleaning tips to make sure you get your bond back

Unpredicted housing loan interest rates, moving to new locations for jobs or education have forced people to lease a home instead of investing in a property. There are many benefits of leasing a property, and the most significant is affordability and no strings attached. Those who do not want to spend a hefty down payment to buy a house find leasing a viable option. But it is not a path of roses for tenants. The rental property comes with a big list of dos and don’ts while living on the property and a checklist to be fulfilled at the termination of the lease period. To get a clean chit some end of lease cleaning tips needs to be followed.

While vacating the property after the lease period, the tenants have a host of responsibilities to do. The cleaning should conform to industry standards to receive your 100% bond refund. To get a clean chit during the end of lease inspection, engage reputed lease cleaners for quick money back.

End of lease cleaning tips

In many countries, government regulations prescribe that the leased properties be returned to the owner in their original condition to get a refund. The amount of time, money, and stress involved in the cleaning process cannot be measured. That is why professional bond cleaning services are hired for peace of mind. 

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Here are some cleaning tips to get 100% bond back

  • Hire a local end of lease cleaning service with experience in end of lease cleaning. They will have hands-on experience in end-to-end cleaning, leaving you free of tension. The kitchen and bathroom cleaning could be overwhelming, and DIYs do not work effectively. Instead of losing your bond amount, it is best to invest in a cleaning company to get a 100% bond back.
  • Devise a plan to allow time for each room cleaning. Do not create unachievable targets. Starting early is the best way to complete the cleaning chores without stress. Give each room enough time based on room size.
  • Cleaning products are crucial for a spick and span house. The list could be endless, ranging from vacuum cleaners, sponges, dusters to choosing cleaning products. Keep everything ready and ensure it does not leave any residue. Buying eco-friendly products is an ideal option.
  • An empty house is easy to clean. For those already moved to a new place, you can shift your furniture and leave the house empty for the end of lease cleaning services to start their work. A clutter-free home is easy to clean, and it will cost you less too. Heavyweight furniture home appliances can be moved out in advance before cleaning. You could also engage packers and movers for the task.
  • If you have rugs and carpets in your house, give them to a carpet cleaning service to leave the floor bare for easy cleaning. A dirty carpet can lead to cuts in your bond sum. Do not hesitate to spend a few dollars to clear the inspection.
  • Paintwork is another huge responsibility. If you think any room needs a touch-up, call a professional painter to do the job. Trying to do the patchwork or touchup by yourself could lead to unwanted expenses at the end of the day. So, let the experts handle it.
  • Kitchen cleaning is a huge responsibility. It is the dirtiest place in the accommodation with too many movable and immovable parts like dishwasher, cabinets, taps, sink, chimney, hob, large and small appliances, modular kitchen racks, exhaust fan, etc. Deep cleaning the kitchen and disinfecting is advisable for a healthy environment. The stubborn grease needs experienced hands to clean, and calling an expert like Cleaning Corp is recommended for peace of mind.
  • The bathroom is another concern area. Ensure the faucets, closets, floor, and tiles are all original. Extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the bathroom are suggested to get your bond amount back in full. Engage in cleaning services is a smart decision.
  • If you have pets in the house, dander and pet hair could be a great concern. Ensure that even a bit of floor, carpet, walls, ceiling, furnishing, furniture, door, and windows are cleaned thoroughly. Missing out on even a small area could lead to inspection failure. Contact a reputed bond cleaning company and heave a sigh of relief.
  • HVAC cleaning is complicated and needs expert guidance. Get it back in pristine condition with basic service from reputed cleaning companies.

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Why should you hire expert bond cleaning Services?

If you want 100% of your deposit back, it is important to choose a cleaning service that offers a guarantee. Choosing a cleaning company with a re-clean or refund option would be an added advantage. Some cleaning companies provide unlimited time service, which means they will not leave until the terms in the contract are fulfilled. There are same-day house cleaning services even on weekends, festivals, or bank holidays to give you a quick exit. Most house cleaning services offer combined services like gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, blinds wiping, external window cleaning, etc. Avail of these services to make your job easier.

For best results, it is important to have a checklist in place. Before moving in, take detailed photos or videos of each room in the house to keep a record of its original condition. This can help when there is a dispute. Moreover, you need not stretch further than the terms in the contract to impress the owner. Fulfill the terms, and you can demand your 100% bond back. Starting early can ensure a sweet exit without burning your pocket and damaging your reputation.

Hiring a professional end of lease cleaning service is cheaper, stress-free, and quick. What’s more, your house owner will refund you in full. Happy cleaning!

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