Affordable house cleaning rates per hour in Australia

house cleaning rates per hour

House cleaning rates per hour in Australia

Finding the time to clean a house is quite a challenging task with people juggling work and everyday chores. The bigger the house, the more amplified the problem becomes as you don’t have that time to dedicate to house cleaning. While it seems like a no-brainer to hire professionals to clean it, homeowners hesitate as house cleaning from them comes at a cost. But the fact is that it is not as expensive as you think it is. To make matters easy for you and understand the house cleaning rates per hour, here is a look at the average pieces, factors affecting the pricing, and more.

How to calculate the house cleaning?

The cost of house cleaning rates per hour in Australia varies and can range between $30 to $50 depending on the type of cleaning done, the company’s reputation, the amount of experience, the equipment used, etc. So on average, a regular cleaning job can cost about $36 per hour. This price can increase or decrease based on many factors, which are as below:

The type and size of the house

One of the major factors to consider when calculating the cost of house cleaning services is the size and type of the house. Cleaning services provide you with an estimate of the cost based on these specifications. So if you are not sure of the property’s square footage, it is recommended that you find that out. Apart from the size of your home, the cleaning companies will need information on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to determine the cost.

house cleaning rates

Expect to pay more if you have a bigger house with many bedrooms and bathrooms. For instance, a 400 square-foot home with 1 bed and 1 bath will be charged less than a 1000 square-foot home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. But again, if you need cleaning for only one or two of those bedrooms, you get charged less. Usually, a cleaning professional will visit the house prior to the cleaning and inspect it. That helps them determine the exact cost of cleaning based on the amount of work needed lt.

The condition of the house

Another thing that is factorized when calculating the cost is the condition the property is in. If you clean the house regularly and are in good condition, then the quotation will be priced lower. However, if the house is not in great condition and needs proper scrubbing, it costs higher. That is because it would take more resources like time, effort, and cleaning products to spruce it up. A large property that only needs a quick clean will cost less than a 1 bedroom property that needs a deep cleaning. So all the more reason for you to signup for one of the house cleaning services before your property gets really dirty due to lack of maintenance and costs more for you in the future.

Scope of work

What is the extent of cleaning that you need? House cleaning companies generally have standard pricing for common areas. Suppose you have specific places to be cleaned or difficult to access the cost increases. So it is essential that these are discussed before the start of work. Special requests that are not part of the service that was agreed on will impact the overall pricing. Also, if you have pets, the prices may increase. Confirm the charges for non-standard cleaning before making an agreement.

How often the service is needed

There are many options that a house cleaning company provides regarding how often the service is needed. Typically, you will have a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-off appointment option. The frequency with which you want the service has a bearing on the cost; if you opt for a routine service, then many companies charge you less as you are a great business for them. On the contrary, a one-off service will depend on the size, type, and frequency of cleaning required.


The house cleaning rates per hour in Australia depend on the part of the country you are residing in. Cleaning costs are relatively less and come to around $30 per hour in places like Queensland, South and Western Australia, and Victoria. On the other hand, the charges are higher than the average if you live in the Australian Capital Territory, the charges are higher than the average.

Parking fees

You say it right! House cleaning is done by using cleaning equipment, and these have to be brought onsite in large vehicles. If you have an independent house, the chances are that there is parking, but if you want an apartment cleaned, then parking fees and distance charges are added. So if you don’t have a parking space, you end up paying higher.

Common cleaning services and their average costs

One-off cleaning

Common tasks performed by the cleaning professionals include dusting, mopping, polishing surfaces, and cleaning the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The domestic deep house cleaning varies between $70 to about $250, depending on the size of the property. If house cleaners use their products and cleaning equipment, the cost increases.

End of lease cleaning

It is an extensive cleaning service, and hence the cost is more for this option. The cleaning service will follow a checklist given by the landlord and do a thorough cleaning of the property. Based on the size and the scope of work, it may cost an average of $250 for a two-bedroom unit.

Window cleaning

Expect to pay an average of $30 per hour for cleaning standard-sized windows. But if you want deep cleaning or have hard-to-reach windows, expect to pay more.

house cleaning rates per hour in australia

Carpet cleaning

Based on the degree of staining, when it was last cleaned, the type of cleaning, and the size, the carpet cleaning costs start at around $10 and higher per room. For a two-bedroom unit, the average cost may come to around $75 to $95.

Oven cleaning

It includes degreasing the interiors and exteriors, polishing the handles, soaking the racks, and more. The cost of cleaning on average costs from $100 to $200.

Roof cleaning

Depending on the size, shape, condition, and time taken, the costs are calculated. Rates start from $38 per hour and can go as high as $80 per hour.

So now with the above useful information about house cleaning rates per hour in hand, you are ready to choose the services of the cleaning company. If you want top-notch quality for the price you pay, look no further than Cleaning Corp, which has many years of experience and has experienced cleaning professionals. 

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