Best strata window cleaning in Sydney

strata window cleaning

A track record of the best strata window cleaning services in Sydney

With the emergence of more number of high-rise residential and commercial properties, the demand for strata window cleaning services has also gone up. One might think that the job can be done by an ordinary cleaning company, but that would be wrong. Strata window cleaning is a task carried out by experts using professional strata cleaning equipment and tools. Their staff is trained to efficiently perform their cleaning services using the given tools and equipment safely. Hence, your next-door cleaning company may not be fit for the task in terms of the availability of equipment as well as the deployment of experienced workers in the field.

Types of building’s exterior cleaning services

Building owners can choose to opt for different types of exterior cleaning services in Sydney, based on their requirements. In order of priority, these are listed below:

1. Gutter cleaning

This is done to ensure no debris is blocking the windows and there are no leaks and spills.

2. Window cleaning

This type of cleaning is generally performed on inaccessible windows.

3. Roof moss treatment

This type of cleaning ensures that the roof of the building is clear of moss and other organic growth.

4. Pressure washing

This is the most expensive amongst the lot, but it ensures that your building exteriors are dazzling and attractive and look as good as new.

Why is hiring strata window cleaning services so important?

For a number of reasons listed below, strata window cleaning in Sydney is an important activity that must be followed by all high-rise residential and commercial units.

Best strata window cleaning

1. Cleanliness and hygiene

As part of general hygiene and maintenance standards, strata window cleaning is an unavoidable task. If you are the owner of a residential unit, you would want to keep your existing tenants and visitors happy with the general hygiene and cleanliness of the building. To attract future tenants, your building must be in its best state at all times, so that they are ensured that they will be living in a sanitary environment.

If yours is a commercial complex, you will deal with visitors, customers, employees, and regulatory authorities regularly. Therefore, it is important to pay heed to the upkeep of the building’s hygiene and cleanliness. A sparkling, clean and fragrant high-rise complex is a good start to add credibility to your business premises. The exterior of your buildings can be polished and shined only by adequate strata cleaning.

2. Availability of the right tools and equipment

The best strata window cleaning in Sydney is equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to achieve the job. The tools and equipment required for strata cleaning in Sydney can vary, depending upon the type of property. For example, properties are made of a variety of materials such as glass, concrete, timber, or metal, each requiring a different cleaning agent for efficient cleaning. Every premise also varies based on the type of flooring.

While most have ordinary flooring, some buildings use special flooring that may require special attention while cleaning. The process and materials used for cleaning specially polished floors can vary. General cleaning services do not have the necessary knowledge to differentiate and understand the needs of strata cleaning in buildings. Only a professional strata Cleaning Corp can deploy the right tools and methodologies.

3. Health and safety

Post-pandemic, the importance of health and safety in all aspects of our life has been re-emphasized. We know how an unclean and dirty environment can attract and pave the way for the growth of invisible microorganisms. Because strata properties are exposed to air pollution due to high-traffic areas, it is important to get the best strata cleaning in Sydney.

Professional strata cleaning experts will clean the area and perform an inspection of the property, including HVAC and a clean dryer vent, to look out for insect infestation. They will also wipe out the contaminants from these critical areas and maintain a clean and safe environment.

4. Convenient and flexible

Most professional strata cleaning companies are flexible. Besides offering specialized services for strata window cleaning, they also offer customizable cleaning services for bathrooms, commercial office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and facility management services. Therefore, for any building maintenance in charge, this means a good deal of responsibilities is taken care of by hiring a single cleaning company instead of dealing with multiple suppliers. Moreover, hiring professional cleaning services ensures that the daily operations of the company and the lives of tenants in residential buildings are not disrupted when the cleaning is accomplished.

How often does a strata window need a cleaning service?

While this depends entirely on a case-to-case basis, ideally, if your building is situated in a high-traffic area, prone to air pollution as well as exposed to trees and pollen, a strata window cleaning service should be performed at least thrice a year. This ensures the decontamination of the windows while ensuring the polish and shine of the windows remain intact.

strata window cleaning

What is the cost of the strata window cleaning service in Sydney?

The cost of strata window cleaning services in Sydney varies depending upon the type of treatment used, the frequency of cleaning, the height of the building, and if any special treatments are required. Other factors that play a role when a cleaning service company sends you a quote are:

  • The number of window panes
  • Size of each pane
  • Type of glass- some types of glass are difficult to clean
  • Type of dirtiness- is it just simple dirt or a deposit of moss or other organic matter?
  • Timescale- whether the job has to be accomplished during the day or night

In general, for residential apartments, the cost of window cleaning is somewhere between $150 to $180 for both inside and outside. Some cleaning companies charge based on the time required for cleaning. In such cases, it may cost $30 per hour for residential buildings. The cost can range from $45 to $50 per hour. for commercial buildings.

In addition to that, for high-rise windows which require special equipment and competent personnel, the cost of cleaning can go up to $100 per hour.

Now that you are familiar with the importance of strata cleaning, its types, and its cost variants, when are you scheduling your next strata window cleaning service?

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