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Regular house cleaning

Top regular house cleaning services in Sydney

House cleaning is a chore that usually brings out the worst. It is hard to forget the countless arguments and fallouts due to the regular house cleaning at home. Not to mention the number of times your family has bailed out on their cleaning routine. How do you maintain peace and harmony at home and have a clean house? The answer is hiring professional services. Yes, you read it right. Read below to know all about the regular house cleaning services in Syndey.

What is a regular house cleaning service in Sydney?

A regular cleaning service can be scheduled regularly without needing to be booked every time. Most cleaning service companies allow it to be scheduled online easily. The same can be used to manage payments, schedules, and bookings. Once the schedule is set, the cleaning company will take over from there and send alerts and reminders about the upcoming booking schedules. Depending on your personal preferences, it can be booked monthly, weekly, and fortnightly.

Regular house cleaning is designed so that there is a good working relationship with the housekeeper. The same person will be assigned to maintain the house so that it becomes easy for everyone. Some house cleaning services also allow creating a personalized schedule that is best for the home.

Regular house cleaning services

Why book a regular cleaning service?

Most people will have this question on their minds, why have someone clean the house, and what are the advantages of hiring a professional? Below are some of the compelling reasons for having a regular cleaning service.

A tidy home

This is one of the obvious benefits of having a cleaning service do the regular cleaning and have a tidy home. Most people have hectic lives and spend more time commuting and earning a living, so where is the time to clean? By hiring someone to take over this task, you have one less worry, and you can come home to a clean home instead of a messy one.

Professionals do the regular house cleaning

House cleaning is a chore for you and a headache, but when you hire a cleaning service, it is their job. These professionals are paid to do the cleaning and hence will do better than you or your family in terms of cleaning effectively and efficiently.

They do the job better than you

You may know your home better, but these professionals know what is best for your house when it comes to cleaning. At times, there are areas that you overlook or are unable to clean as it is tough to reach. Over time, it can build up and lead to various issues. However, when you have a professional coming over to clean, everything on the checklist is cleaned, so you have a cleaner home compared to doing it yourself.

Get more time

One of the main reasons for hiring a regular cleaning service is spending less time on such chores. When you delegate tasks instead of spending hours on keeping your regular home clean, you get more free time for yourself. On the other hand, if you may have time but detest cleaning, you can also choose this cleaning service and get away with this task.

No need to buy supplies

If you hire a cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about buying cleaning supplies. Whoever, the hired company will bring the supplies. Since the professionals will bring the products, it reduces the overhead of spending time and money on making the purchase reducing the expense considerably.

They know what to use

A house will have many appliances, furniture, tiles, etc., and all of these are made from different materials. So a single product will not work for all of these. Also, when you use the wrong technique or product, you end up scratching or spoiling those items. On the other hand, professionals know what and how to use it. So your house is not just clean but also in perfect condition.

Regular house cleaning costs in Sydney

Regular house cleaning can be scheduled every week, fortnight, or monthly. Most cleaning companies charge by the hour, so it means they work on the clock. Depending on the company policies, a minimum appointment time is set, which may start from 2 hours. The standard charges for an hourly service scheduled every week are about $40/hr and are about $42 if scheduled fortnightly.

Additional charges may be applied if you want cleaning supplies. You can further avail of discounts and offers based on whether you are a weekly or a fortnightly client. If you are unhappy with the service, there is an option of changing the housekeeper.

Regular house cleaning in Sydney

Regular cleaning services checklist

In general, the regular house cleaning services in Sydney will have many things done depending on the cleaning tasks booked. It includes; vacuuming the rugs and carpets, vacuuming and mopping the floors, and dusting furniture, windows, and surfaces: floor polishing, pictures, mirrors, and other surfaces in the house. Bathroom sanitizing includes toilet fixtures, fittings, shower, bath, and sink. Coming to the kitchen, electrical appliances will be polished, and cupboards, tabletops, countertops, and sink has to be wiped. You can also include kitchen cleaning inside the drawers, cupboards, fridge, microwave, and freezer interior cleaning on request.

Garage and balcony cleaning along with extraction fans of the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen. Spot cleaning of the walls can also be requested but excludes the house cleaning cost in Sydney

Cleaning Corp also provides additional cleaning services like deep cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, upholstery or carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more at affordable rates. They hire housemaids who are fully experienced and trained to operate the cleaning equipment. They follow all the procedures and techniques and use eco-friendly products which are safe for everyone.

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